Kawai Shibe ($KSHIBA)

Yield generator BUSD

August 2021

Kawai Shiba ($KSHIBA) is a generator of Binance USD (BUSD) (Binance-Peg BUSD Token).


We have combined the best of everything into one contract, $BUSD Rewards, LP Acquisition, Marketing funds, Buyback and Burns.

Automatic LP

The contract provides additional liquidity to the PancakeSwap ($KSHIBA -> BNB pair) periodically. To do so, it utilizes 3% of the funds received from the taxes.

After a certain amount of tokens have been stored in the contract (0.0001% of the total supply) it initiates a swap.

Half of the tokens reserved for liquidity are swapped into BNB and are then provided as liquidity using the remaining half.

The LP tokens received are then burnt forever.

This is beneficial to all traders of the $KSHIBA token since the increasing liquidity will raise the price floor and make the price more resistant to sudden changes.

Automatic $BUSD Rewards

Each owner of $KSHIBA tokens is eligible to automatically receive $BUSD from the reward pool. The reward pool contains a number of $BUSD tokens reserved by the contract. The contract uses a portion of the tax applied to every transaction (6%) to do this.

After a certain amount of tokens are stored in the contract (0.0001% of the total supply) it initiates a swap. A swap in this context is the process of swapping the contract’s token balance with $BUSD in order to provide liquidity and increase the reward pool.

Each user is automatically distributed $BUSD every hour (The base duration of the cycle is set to 1 Hour.)

For example, a user can choose to convert 10% of their daily rewards to $KSHIBA.

The amount of $BUSD that can be received from the reward pool depends on the following factors:

  1. The amount of $KSHIBA the user owns: If a user owns 1% of the total available supply, then they will be able to claim up to 1% of the total $BUSD available in the reward pool.
  2. The amount of Volume-Transactions in the contract: This increases as more and more people buy and sell. Each time they buy and sell tax is applied. The more people you can invite the more rewards for all!

Note: To be eligible to receive rewards, users need at least 200,000 tokens in their wallets. This is subject to change as the price changes.

Gradual Buyback & Burn

The contract periodically allocates a portion of the $BUSD funds for the dead/burn address. It then uses those funds to buy $KSHIBA tokens from PancakeSwap and burn them forever. The benefits of this are:

  1. It steadily increases the price of $KSHIBA by periodically buying from PCS.
  2. The increase in scarcity over time makes the $KSHIBA more valuable, rewarding the owners of $KSHIBA in the process.

The above function can also be triggered manually if the community votes to spend a portion of the funds in return for a higher price floor. This synergizes well with the Reserved Pool mechanism since the dead address can use the reserved pool so that the amount of $BUSD rewards received by users remains unaffected.

This feature can be configured at any time according to what’s best for the project and its investors:

  1. It can be turned off and on
  2. The allocated percentage can be tweaked
  3. The duration between runs can be changed

The dead wallet address is 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dEaD.


The $KSHIBA token will be created with HUNDRED BILLION Tokens in Supply. (100,000,000,000)

  • 67% (67,000,000,000) Will be Added to PancakeSwap AMM for Liquidity along with BNB tokens that will be LOCKED for 365 Days.
  • 30% will be burned Forever (0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dEaD)
  • 3% to the Marketing Wallet for Future Marketing! (0x371AC5e1C34649505705647e90600aCdAfA61E06)

Transaction Tax:

  • 6% $BUSD Rewards
  • 3% Liquidity fee
  • 6% Marketing & BuyBack Fee

(Buy and Sell With 12-15% Slippage on PancakeSwap V2)